Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keep Moving

Today will be Week 3 Day 1 of Couch to 5k. It is going to be a big jump in the amount of time spent running. I hope I am up for the challenge! I have been under the weather, not feeling 100%. So I am going to have to push myself on the treadmill today.

Weight loss to date is 7 lbs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I am 11 days past my birthday and 354 days from the next. It took me about a week to jump on the exercise bandwagon.

Tomorrow will be one week from the start of my couch to 5k. Yesterday I skipped my day to run. I put it off in the morning then I went to swim/relax by the pool. If I was truly swimming then I would have had an excuse. By the time I got home, I just wasn't in the mood to run. I am a little disappointed in my lack of will. Today, I got up to make up day 3.

For me this is a big step. In the past when I would deviate from a plan, I would give up. So NOT giving up today. This is a huge step in the right direction. Tomorrow I will do day 4.

I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER WHEN I GET OFF THE TREADMILL. I don't want to push it, but I feel like I can do more. Maybe a second run in the day?

Now the next aspect of weight loss is diet. I have done fair in the food department. I have snacked and not eaten as well as I would like. So this weeks goal. in addition to running is to eat better. 3 meals a day, light healthy snacks. This is going to take just as much work as working out. I am a comfort food girl.

This morning on the Today show was a woman who lost 110 pounds in 6.5 months by eating well and working out 4 times a week. She looked great. They showed the amount of fruits and veggies she eats now compared to before. Her before is similar to my now. If she can do it, I can too, right?

Weight Loss 2lbs

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Someone to Love

Are you someone who always puts others first? Ask others what they want to eat when you have a craving? Which movie to see? How does this look? I am. I always thought that this was a good trait to have. I am loving, compassionate, giving, and would give up my life for those I love the most. I hate to see others hurt. I want to fix their problems.

I just turned 29 and although I am not one of those afraid to turn 30 (I believe life is a journey and every day I have is am lucky to live) I do not want to go into 30 like I did 29. So with some deep soul searching and extremely tough love from the Mr. I am going to do something for me.

Things I want to change:

Always putting others first.
My weight.
Getting the job I want.
More time with my girlfriends.
Better Spirituality.
A passionate marriage.

I feel like all of these things have to do with my weight. I have totally let myself go. I do not exercise, eat right, and the tv is my idea of relaxing and time for myself. So in order to make myself get off of my butt I need accountability. I am not quite ready to share my starting weight. It is embarrassing and has kept me from going to the doctor. I do not want anyone to know how bad I have let myself get. So I will start with this:
tops: XL and XXL
pants: 16-18
panties: granny
bra: as big as my head


All the runners I know look fabulous. They have endurance and energy that I envy. I however, loathe running. I always have. How do people get in the zone and run forever. I mean really marathons. OMG. I have walked 5k's and even jogged a little of the way. Running not so much. I know I have it in me. And the worst is my husband can run forever and I am a baby just going for a walk. I need to push myself. I need to eat right. I know I am rambling but I need people to know.

My commitment is to do couch to 5K. You know where I run it, not walk. It is a 9 week program. In 9 weeks, I want to lose 30 pounds. That is a lot, but it wasn't too long ago that I was 30 pounds lighter. Time is on my side. I am young.

So this brings me back to putting others first. My kids and my husband will have to fend for themselves. I will lock the door and get my fat butt on the treadmill. When I build a little endurance I will begin the 30 day shred. This time for more than 2 days.

I will weigh myself weekly and share any loss on my blog. At the end of 9 weeks I will share my weight even if I do not lose the 30 lbs. If I lose the 30lbs before I will share my weight then too. It it definitely not my goal weight. But one I am not terrified to share.

I would love suggestions for healthy "easy to prepare" dinners, lunches, and such.

I NEED HELP. I know I have the most amazing friends in the world.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A few photos

Lily's 5th birthday!
Liam's 4th Birthday!

Back on the Horse

So it has been a year since I have posted. I know, I know, how pitiful. I never really got in the habit of posting. So here I go again. If my awesome, busy friends can blog, then I can too!

The past year has been b-u-s-y! I finished my Masters with a 4.0. I am so glad that I got to go back to school with Leslie. She made the process a lot of fun and provided comic relief when necessary. I believe that this degree is going to help me finally reach my goal of teaching closer to home and making more money. Fingers crossed and praying...

My baby girl started and finished Kindergarten. I am so proud of her. She is smart, beautiful, talented, and funny. She dances and will start cheering on Monday. She keeps us busy. There are a million posts I could make about her. I will try my best to share the joy of Lily with you.

Liam has turned into the inquisitive 4 year old. He talks ALL of the time. His charming smile is impossible to get mad at. He has spent the past year loving on his mommy, which never gets old. He has impressed me with how much he has learned over the past year. He can identify letters and sounds and numbers. He loves story time with mommy and even lets Lily read to him sometimes, too. He will definitely provide funny comments that I can share. So stay tuned.

As always, Shaun has stepped up to take care of our family. He stays busy at the fire department, then cuts grass and hangs doors to make ends meet. He is the most amazing husband and I am lucky to have him in my life.

So a short update... More to come later.