Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am so excited!!! I got an iphone!

This is the coolest thing! I am in love!! I have been a mack user for five years now and I will never go back to a pc.
Macs are very user friendly. But my iphone takes the cake. I have only had it for a few hours and it is very hard to put down. (It is charging right now) I have wanted an iphone for some time now, but we have been with verizon forever. We were not unhappy with verizon's service, verizon just didn't have an iphone. My friend Leslie was also on verizon so there definitely could be a big problem with us being on different carriers.


Today Shaun, Sam, Leslie, and myself made a day of it. We all went to the ATT store and bought 4 iphones. We made it rain dollar bills for our helpful associate Cory. We were all like little kids waiting to open our birthday presents. It was super exciting and a great way to spend time with friends. Of course after we got our phones there was very little conversation between the four of us. When we did speak it was '"wow", "check this out", "look at this app".

I just wanted to share my exciting news. Feel free to share your favorite apps. Well I am off to explore some more!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 2009

Like most families, the holidays are always super busy. Shaun and I have big families so we have to make our rounds.=) It is a lot of work but we enjoy visiting our families.

On Thursday, my mom stopped by and brought us some Easter goodies. The kids were happy to see her and I was too. Mom doesn't stop by often so it was a nice treat.

With Shaun's job I often have to travel alone. This is my least favorite part of his job. However, it is the way it goes and I have to deal with it. On Saturday we went to Halls, TN for his families Easter festivities. There were a lot of children and they had fun playing and hunting eggs. I rode up with Shaun's brother and before we left he washed my car! I am a lucky girl. When we came home the kids and I dyed our Easter eggs. We had a lot of fun. They were both tuckered out from their busy day and quick to go to bed (since the EB won't come when you are awake)

On Easter Sunday, Shaun came home but we did not make it to church because he had a busy night on the unit the night before. I was a little disappointed but church is anywhere people gather and share the love of Jesus, so we had that part covered. We had a lazy morning and watched the kids new movies that the Easter bunny left them. Then it was off to my aunt's house. It was nice to see the family, I just wish there were some kids for Lily and Liam to play with. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

Thursday, April 2, 2009



We are going to Disney World! We are all so excited!! We have been talking about going to Disney for for the past few years. We have debated when would be the best time to go. Will the kids be old enough to enjoy it? Will they remember it?

While trying to plan a trip to the beach with the in-laws, we found that a big enough condo in Destin was no drop in the bucket. So on a "whim" I checked to see how much it would be to go to Disney World. I found that a trip to Disney for all six of us was less than a condo for one week in Destin! We ran this idea by Yaya and Pops, and after a few days of deliberation...Disney it is!!!

We are going to fly out of Memphis on July 18th and return late on the 25th. We will be staying at the Disney Music and spending our days and nights playing in the parks, watching parades, and dining with the characters! Lily and Liam are so excited. We talk about our trip everyday. Lily has already began her countdown on the back of her door. Liam can't wait to get on the plane and see Woody and Buzz.

I am really excited that Yaya and Pops are going too! We will have a lot of fun together and they will give Shaun and I a little alone time too. The best of both worlds. I just wish my parents were coming too.

I would love any suggestions of things we should/shouldn't do.