Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's summer time and the weather is HOT!

So it has been forever since I have posted.

This summer has been full of activities. Here is a list of the fun and interesting things we have done.
*Lily Graduated Pre-Kindergarten
*Lily had her first dance recital
*Mommy had a birthday
*We went to the concerts on the green at the Navy Base
*The kids are learning to swim and snorkel
*We have seen UP in 3D and Night at the Museum 2
*We have been to the Fabulous Memphis Zoo
*We have gone to the Redbirds game (and were chosen to be the family of the night)
*The Pink Palace Museum, Sharpe Planetarium, and IMAX is our newest adventure

Daddy has been playing a lot of golf. Mommy has been doing a lot of homework. We have been really busy and loving every minute of it.

We have been spending a lot of time with our great friends and forming relationships that will last forever!

Next week we are going to the RiverWalk at Mud Island, the Fire Museum, and Trolly Rides....


Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am so excited!!! I got an iphone!

This is the coolest thing! I am in love!! I have been a mack user for five years now and I will never go back to a pc.
Macs are very user friendly. But my iphone takes the cake. I have only had it for a few hours and it is very hard to put down. (It is charging right now) I have wanted an iphone for some time now, but we have been with verizon forever. We were not unhappy with verizon's service, verizon just didn't have an iphone. My friend Leslie was also on verizon so there definitely could be a big problem with us being on different carriers.


Today Shaun, Sam, Leslie, and myself made a day of it. We all went to the ATT store and bought 4 iphones. We made it rain dollar bills for our helpful associate Cory. We were all like little kids waiting to open our birthday presents. It was super exciting and a great way to spend time with friends. Of course after we got our phones there was very little conversation between the four of us. When we did speak it was '"wow", "check this out", "look at this app".

I just wanted to share my exciting news. Feel free to share your favorite apps. Well I am off to explore some more!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 2009

Like most families, the holidays are always super busy. Shaun and I have big families so we have to make our rounds.=) It is a lot of work but we enjoy visiting our families.

On Thursday, my mom stopped by and brought us some Easter goodies. The kids were happy to see her and I was too. Mom doesn't stop by often so it was a nice treat.

With Shaun's job I often have to travel alone. This is my least favorite part of his job. However, it is the way it goes and I have to deal with it. On Saturday we went to Halls, TN for his families Easter festivities. There were a lot of children and they had fun playing and hunting eggs. I rode up with Shaun's brother and before we left he washed my car! I am a lucky girl. When we came home the kids and I dyed our Easter eggs. We had a lot of fun. They were both tuckered out from their busy day and quick to go to bed (since the EB won't come when you are awake)

On Easter Sunday, Shaun came home but we did not make it to church because he had a busy night on the unit the night before. I was a little disappointed but church is anywhere people gather and share the love of Jesus, so we had that part covered. We had a lazy morning and watched the kids new movies that the Easter bunny left them. Then it was off to my aunt's house. It was nice to see the family, I just wish there were some kids for Lily and Liam to play with. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

Thursday, April 2, 2009



We are going to Disney World! We are all so excited!! We have been talking about going to Disney for for the past few years. We have debated when would be the best time to go. Will the kids be old enough to enjoy it? Will they remember it?

While trying to plan a trip to the beach with the in-laws, we found that a big enough condo in Destin was no drop in the bucket. So on a "whim" I checked to see how much it would be to go to Disney World. I found that a trip to Disney for all six of us was less than a condo for one week in Destin! We ran this idea by Yaya and Pops, and after a few days of deliberation...Disney it is!!!

We are going to fly out of Memphis on July 18th and return late on the 25th. We will be staying at the Disney Music and spending our days and nights playing in the parks, watching parades, and dining with the characters! Lily and Liam are so excited. We talk about our trip everyday. Lily has already began her countdown on the back of her door. Liam can't wait to get on the plane and see Woody and Buzz.

I am really excited that Yaya and Pops are going too! We will have a lot of fun together and they will give Shaun and I a little alone time too. The best of both worlds. I just wish my parents were coming too.

I would love any suggestions of things we should/shouldn't do.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shaun is in a whole new league. Trienta!

Most of you know that Shaun has really been dreading turning 30. I don't know why because he has accomplished so much over the past 20 years. In list form, here are a few of his finest accomplishments.
*May 1997 Graduated from Bartlett High School (where he met his beautiful wife)
*March 1999 Started to date this amazing girl (me of course)
*August 1999 Moved out on his own (I was there too)
*June 2000 Proposed to the love of his life (me again)
*June 2001 Married (Mrs. Jennifer Taylor)
*December 2003 finished building a home
*July 2004 started at Arlington Fire Dept
*July 2004 became the best daddy to the most beautiful little girl in the world
*February 2006 had the most amazing little boy to complete his family
*October 2007 became a Memphis Fire Fighter
*March 2008 became a Paramedic.
*January 2009 started working on his Bachelor's
*March 2009 turned 30
So now that that is out of the way. We celebrated with a few family and friends for a low key celebration. I was so glad to see almost all of Shaun's station come. They are his family when he is away from us. We played pool and Wii bowled all night long. It was a lot of fun. Shaun seemed to have a lot of fun, even though a few key people didn't make it=)

Birthday day 2. Shaun's actual birthday is St. Patrick's Day. Every year he takes the kiddos to Dan McGuinness for Lunch. Lily loves to get all dressed up in green to celebrate daddy's birthday. Liam told Shaun Happy Birthday every few minutes. They are too cute. When I got home from work we met Shaun's parents and brother for dinner. Then it was off to bed another day on the books. Only now he is 30!

Spring Break= No road trip=(

Well last week I was on a much needed Spring Break. I was a bad mommy, the kiddos went to school all but one day. Mommy and Daddy spent some much needed quality time together. The week started out with beautiful weather and of course ended not so great. Our list was full of honey-dos, however we didn't get much accomplished.
Monday we looked for furniture and cell phones. We came home with neither. I want to switch to cingular- I want an iphone!!!- but I will have to wait until July. Then we went to dinner with my long lost friend Chris. It was so good to see him, even though it was short lived. I got to see my friend/ old boss, John too. Then it was off to the airport to drop of Chris and pick up my parents.
Tuesday was a lazy day. We stayed in bed catching up on dvr and sleep. Then Shaun was off for crawfish and beer with the boys for Jason's birthday. Wednesday we decided to go and catch a movie at an actual movie theater. A very rare treat. I really wanted to see He Just Not That In To You, but we saw Watchmen instead. It was AWFUL! Do not waste your time or money. Thursday was when the fun began. For Christmas Shaun and my mom both got me a Gould's Day Spa gift certificate. So on a cold and rainy day I was off to spend four fabulous hours being pampered. All while daddy was home taking care of the kiddos. My massage, facial, and mani/pedi were sublime. I did not want to leave! Friday morning I was back at the salon to get my hair done. I am telling you this is the life. It was great to see Jennifer, my hair stylist. She does a fantastic job and always amuses me with her wedding planning saga. Friday afternoon Shaun and I went to get all the food for his 30th birthday party and then planned to go home and watch the game. With a car full from Sam's and a basket full at Walmart, we received a phone call that we could go to the game. So the race was on to go home and drop off the groceries, drive to Shelby Forrest to get the tickets, and make it to the Forum. Did we do all that in an hour? You betcha! Shaun about killed us driving like a crazy man (he promised me we would be safe). I worked really hard to not throw up everywhere, while our fine Memphis drivers looked at us like we were nuts. We arrived and entered the Forum with the score 0-2. We enjoyed an awesome game, watching our Memphis Tigers show everyone how a basketball team should play. The highlight of the game was when Chance and Preston got to play too=) It was a great week with an even better weekend.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow much fun!

I am still in shock that we received 8 inches of snow in the Memphis area on March 1st. In Parts of our yard we had well over a foot of snow! On Saturday after the UofM basketball game it started to sleet. The sleet was coming down pretty good and then magically it turned to snow. Big fluffy snowflakes. Shaun had to go in to work for someone from 7p.m. to 7a.m. So we didn't get out in the snow. Instead we watched from the window as the snow started to accumulate. At 6:00 Shaun left and there was about three inches on the ground and you couldn't see the street. What a fun night for Shaun serving the citizens of Memphis. (and it was- they all needed rides for the typical "emergency" medical calls). On Sunday morning Shaun came home and little did I know it had snowed over night. We woke up to 8-12 inches of snow. Everything was white and glistening. Shaun cooked pancakes and we suited up for a fun-filled day in the snow.
We have a really big hill in our backyard. We decided to have a sledding marathon. The hike up the hill is no easy task but the ride down was worth it every time. The more we went down the hill the faster we would go. When sledding became boring for Shaun, he decided to snow board. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I love how he still amuses me so much! The pictures really are worth 1,000 words! Lily enjoyed eating the snow, while Liam preferred sledding down the hill. We also made a princess snow girl. It was very cold so we took a nice long lunch break to thaw out and watched Harry Potter. Then we suited back up and went back out for more.
The snow was an unexpected treat. Our family had so much fun spending the day together playing. We were like four kids who just couldn't get enough. It is too bad the snow won't stick around for another day, or maybe it will and we can get a snow day! My fingers are crossed=).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ready for Spring!

I am so ready for spring and I know my munchkins are too! I am ready to get outside, plant flowers, cookout, watch the kids ride bikes, more frequent trips to the park and zoo... You get the idea. I have never been a big fan of winter. The holidays are nice, but that is all winter has going for it. Spring is where it is at. Everything is new again, clean, and fresh. The kids love to be outside and play with the neighbors and I enjoy the casual conversations with adults.
Liam and Lily are ready to get in the backyard and play t-ball. They don't really have the concept of running the bases or catching the ball, but they love hitting the ball of the tee and running to collect the balls in their helmets. They are too cute! Lily has her pink bat and helmet and Liam has a blue bat and helmet. They certainly look the part.
The kids are getting so big! Everyday is more exciting and full of new adventures. I am sure Spring will bring many more new adventures. So go away Winter! We are really ready for the Spring Weather.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 days and "GOING" strong!

It is really the little things in life that get us excited! Liam has been in big boy underwear for three days!!!
I am so proud=) I put a diaper on him tonight for bedtime and he just couldn't get comfortable in it. This could be a really good sign. Now if he could quit peeing on everything in the bathroom. Our walls, floor, shower curtain, and cabinet have all been coated in pee a time or two. I am sure it is only a matter of time before he hits the ceiling.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Liam had a lot of fun at Pump It Up!
Lots of school and family friends came to play, too!
I got a new bicycle!
Had two cool birthday cakes!
Uncle John sent a big box full of toys.

Liam is 3!

Wow! It seems so crazy to me that my baby boy is 3! Time really does fly. This birthday has been really bittersweet for me. I am so proud that Liam has grown in to such a handsome, charming, sweet little boy. However, I am sad that I will never have another 2 year old again. With Lily we experienced so many new first, and now with Liam it is all lasts.
It really makes me sad. I don't want these times to end. At bed time the past few days, after our story and prayers, I have just stayed in his room looking at him thinking, "only 3, only 2, only 1 more day that he is 2." Now he isn't anymore. Shaun made Liam 3 a long time ago, but not momma. Time needs to stand still!!!
So 2 is a thing of the past. The gap between Liam and Lily is getting smaller and smaller. Sometimes he will say something and I think that Lily must have said that. There is not a trip to the store, zoo, etc. that someone doesn't ask if they are TWINS! My baby is not a baby anymore. He is a big boy and is even wanting to go potty without being dragged to the toilet. We have not had one potty accident all day!!
We had a blast at Liam's birthday party at Pump It Up and are grateful to be blessed with so many friends and family. We definitely had a full house. He played until he couldn't play anymore. It was so cute how he thanked everyone for his gifts and wished them a happy birthday, too! Thanks again to everyone who came to celebrate! Happy birthday baby boy! Even at 30 you will still be my baby boy!